Ela believes that we are the authors of our lives. We have everything we need inside us to create the lives we want. Whether you are an organization looking to engage students in educational curriculum or you are a woman looking for contentment through mindfulness, Ela works with you to directly to create something that is perfectly tailored for you. She has perfected the art of connection with

Whether she’s building strategies to engage students in educational curriculum – bridging the gap between writing and editing – or guiding women to a place of contentment through her mindfulness practice, Ela has perfected the art of connection with a level of wisdom that was found in her exploration of the world and Self.

Ela's Mission & Purpose

Ela’s mission is to support others in their quest to find their direction and meaning in life. Ela has experienced the power of authoring her life. This insight leads her to have faith that each of us has the tenacity to do the same. When Ela guides you to the right tools, and how to use them effectively, your sense of purpose will lead you on a path toward your greatest reality.

Services & Offerings

Guided Meditation


Private and Group Classes

Meditation helps us practice how to pay attention to the present moment. The more we practice, the more we become aware of ourselves and our world around us. Grounded in mindfulness-based practices, Ela offers a variety of ways to meditate, including body scans, breath practices, and visualizations. Her signature style of meditation includes a question for reflection and journaling.

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Mindfulness Coaching


1:1 and Small Group

Everything you need is inside you. When we take time to pause, breath, and clear our mind of clutter, we can gain insight and clarity. Through individual or small group coaching with Ela, you’ll work together to access your inner wisdom, discover your purpose, and create a vision for your life. Ela also offers mindfulness + meditation coaching to help you get started with a regular meditation practice, to refresh your current practice, or to work on a particular issue.

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Mindfulness & Meditation Course Series


A series of four 30-minute mindfulness and meditation classes to help participants reduce anxiety and stress and gain a sense of calm, ease, and clarity. Each 30-minute class focuses on one area of mindfulness, providing research and helpful information along with tips and easy-to-use practices. Topics include mindfulness 101, mindfulness + the body, and mindfulness + the breath. Each class ends with a 10- to 15-minute guided meditation for gaining clarity, easing anxiety, and improving focus.

Course curriculum can also be customized to your organization’s needs.

Workshops + Courses




Breath +

Write = Create

Breath +

Write = Heal

Customized Courses

Focused on creative writing, this workshop explores meditation as a tool for unlocking creativity. Too often we get stuck in edit mode, blocking our creative flow. Through simple writing exercises and guided meditation, you’ll get out of the edit mode and into a generative flow of writing. No writing experience needed.

Our minds are too often filled with chatter, worrying thoughts, and nagging to-do lists. Journaling can help our minds make sense of what’s going on. This workshop uses guided meditation and journal prompts to allow you to pause on purpose, reflect, and become more aware of your own thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Tips for starting your own journal practice are also covered. No journaling experience needed.

Ela offers customized mindfulness + meditation curriculum as well as personalized mindfulness coaching, tailored to your needs. Whether Ela will customize curriculums specific to individual and organizations’ needs.

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Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with other. Unfold your own myth."

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Instructional Design

Writing + Editing

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How can Ela benefit you? Ela can see the big picture of your persona. She can grasp what you are trying to attain. With all that you are and all that you have, she can take you where you want to go. Simply communicate with Ela your objectives and goals. You'll find that Ela is not only approachable, but has the right combination. In an intentional and brilliant way, using maturity and substance, she will be delighted to design a custom program for you.

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