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"Imagine a new life for yourself and start living it."

Paul Coehlo

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Whether she’s building strategies to engage students in educational curriculum – bridging the gap between writing and editing – or guiding women to a place of contentment through her mindfulness practice, Ela has perfected the art of connection.

I discovered wedding photography about 7 years ago, after having worked in the portrait and commercial industry for 2 years. The emotions, the tension and charming beauty of two people celebrating their love, enjoying time with their family and close friends - nothing can beat that. I shot my first wedding for fun. My friend’s photographer got really sick last minute, and they were in panic, begging me to grab my camera and fly over to Perth, to help them preserve at least a bit of their Big Day. So I did. 7 years later, I still get goosebumps and chills when ever the bride walks down the aisle and the groom sees her for the first time.

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Strategic Learning



Together in collaboration with your organization, we will strategize and develop compelling instruction for K-12 educational materials for students, teachers and parents. Ela is your one stop shop for collaborative content and curriculum planning and development.

Various workshops and custom workshop series that allow you to tap into your highest potential through a combination of writing and meditation so you can heal and expand.

Through individual or small group coaching with Ela, you will work together to become more aware of yourself and the world around you, access your inner wisdom, discover your purpose, and create a vision for your life.

Upcoming Workshop:

Breathe + Write

= Heal

Our minds are too often filled with chatter, worrying thoughts, and nagging to-do lists. Journaling can help our minds make sense of what’s going on. This workshop uses guided meditation and journal prompts to allow you to pause on purpose, reflect, and become more aware of your own thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Tips for starting your own journal practice are also covered. No journaling experience needed.

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March 18, 2022


Chicago, Illinois

The Art of Connection

"Ela Aktay has been absolutely amazing in leading my organization through a four-part Mindfulness + Meditation Series. The structure of the classes was just right for our needs—we started off with an informative session and then it led into a guided meditation. This was so useful and I've gotten lots of positive feedback from the staff that attended. It is a great personal development opportunity all should view at least once!! Thanks, Ela!!!"

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