Ela ignites creativity and positivity by motivating others to envision abundant potential for themselves.


Creativity. Clarity.

Ela has found her purpose in the might of exploration. Whether she’s building strategies to engage students in educational curriculum – bridging the gap between writing and editing – or guiding women to a place of contentment through her mindfulness practice, Ela has perfected the art of connection.

By connecting you to ‘the little voice inside’ through therapeutic writing and meditation – your inner wisdom becomes accessible. Once tapped, this greater self awareness allows you to discover a deep sense of peace and ease within yourself. Without all of the noise, you’ll naturally solve your own problems, gain insight, and finally discover what you truly desire in life.

Ela has experienced the power of authoring her life. This insight leads her to have faith that each of us has the tenacity to do the same. When Ela guides you to the right tools, and how to use them effectively, your sense of purpose will lead you on a path toward your greatest reality.

Ela the Mindfulness Coach + Meditation Facilitator

Ela’s abiding holistic approach to wellness and her own personal development incorporated mindfulness and meditation practices into her life for about 25 years. She fully committed to a daily meditation practice in 2017. Consistent reflection allowed Ela’s deeper connection to herself to skyrocket. Ela was inspired to complete her meditation teacher training and certification in 2019 from Chill Anywhere and the MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction)

program at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago in November 2020.

What makes Ela extraordinary as a mindfulness coach? It’s the way in which she harnesses strength through her fusion of writing and meditation together. Ela has an ability to see the peace and clarity that both reflective writing and meditation therapy provide. Ingenuity drives her technique to maximize its potency. Ela’s signature practice is simply this: Breathe + Write = Heal

By working with a mindfulness coach like Ela, you’ll learn how to put yourself first. Your feelings and concerns are valid. Forget pushing them deeper. Ela’s holistic wellness approach will gently bring these feelings to the surface in a calm and authentic way. Ela’s mission is to connect you to the wisdom of your heart through breathing and writing. This integrative well-being practice encourages you to find clarity within yourself at any age.

Ela the Writer

From the time Ela began to read and write as a young child, her love of the arts took flight. By creating short stories and poems for her audience of stuffed animals to enjoy, she learned to sprinkle creativity into everything she touched. Ironically this was Ela’s launching pad to develop a program for deep inner healing. Ela saw that distress can be successfully released through other forms of writing – such as journaling.

Growing up as a first generation Turkish-American, Ela often struggled with her identity. She felt as though she didn’t fit in – either in the country where her parents settled, nor in her homeland. She discovered journaling as an outlet to finding her voice and her authenticity.

Her love of reading and writing as a child led to earning a degree in Journalism from Purdue University. This, in turn, led to working for major academic writing companies such as; Scholastic, Encyclopedia Britannica, and McGraw Hill. Ela has also extended her time as a creative writing coach. By experiencing firsthand the restorative effect of writing as a child – Ela now fosters, facilitates, and supports creativity in others. By layering her integrity, compassion, empathy, and kindness – then intuitively using all to awaken her students, Ela creates a channel for self expression.

In every chapter of her career, Ela has consistently enjoyed writing in her personal life. Ela has kept joy and wonder as a constant thread of creativity through reflective and professional writing – through short stories and education. In her current chapter of life, she enjoys teaching the techniques she’s mastered to help others enhance their lives to the fullest.

Ela the Strategic Learning Designer

Ela married her love of learning and writing when she began working in educational publishing and curriculum design where she spent over 25 years as a Publishing Consultant and Editor. When Ela was young, her father suggested reading National Geographic Magazine. Her hunger for learning about the many topics she read in the magazine eventually led to Ela designing curriculum for National Geographic Learning.

As a lifelong learner, these experiences have taught Ela to be a big picture thinker. She became a true curator. Only a detailed storyteller like Ela could rise to the task of putting the pieces together of each curriculum lesson in the foremost way in order to truly tell the narrative. This involves linking the thought-provoking wonders of the world contained in each lesson.

Observing the captivating beauty of nature has contributed to Ela’s enduring quest of experiential learning. Having traveled to 34 different countries and 34 different states within the United States, she proudly holds the title of a world traveler.

As a well versed content architect, Ela excels at strategizing and creating compelling content for a variety of K-12 teaching materials. If you’re looking for a collaborative approach to content curation, Ela is your one-stop shop.

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