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Everything you need is inside you. When we take time to pause, breathe, and clear our mind of clutter, we can gain insight and clarity. Through individual or small group coaching with Ela, you will work together to become more aware of yourself and the world around you, access your inner wisdom, discover your purpose, and create a vision for your life. Ela offers a variety of ways to meditate, mindfulness coaching, and a meditation and mindfulness course series. All offerings can be customized based on your individual or organization's needs.


Offerings Include

Breath + Write = Heal

Our minds are too often filled with chatter, worrying thoughts, and nagging to-do lists. Journaling can help our minds make sense of what’s going on. This workshop uses guided meditation and journal prompts to allow you to pause on purpose, reflect, and become more aware of your own thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Tips for starting your own journal practice are also covered. No journaling experience needed.

Breath + Write = Create

Focused on creative writing, this workshop explores meditation as a tool for unlocking creativity. Too often we get stuck in edit mode, blocking our creative flow. Through simple writing exercises and guided meditation, you’ll get out of the edit mode and into a generative flow of writing. No writing experience needed.



Ela is a big picture thinker and a true curator. Ela excels at strategically putting together key pieces to create meaningful curriculum, critical instruction, and engaging lessons that will inspire and educate students. Together in collaboration with your organization, we will strategize and develop compelling instruction for K-12 educational materials for students, teachers and parents. Ela truly is your one stop shop for collaborative content and curriculum planning and development.

Offerings Include

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igniting creativity and positivity

How can Ela benefit you? Ela can see the big picture of your persona. She can grasp what you are trying to attain. With all that you are and all that you have, she can take you where you want to go. Simply communicate with Ela your objectives and goals. You'll find that Ela is not only approachable, but has the right combination. In an intentional and brilliant way, using maturity and substance, she will be delighted to design a custom program for you.

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Connection. Creativity. Clarity.