I have personally enjoyed Ela’s mindfulness and deep breathing sessions. She has a keen ability to calm and energize, in both live and virtual settings. As both an event organizer and an attendee, I have benefited from Ela’s impactful sessions and know others valued her talents as well.


Meditating with Ela has added so much to my practice. She has a very practical approach to meditating that has allowed me to better be able to deal with stress. I feel calmer and less anxious than I was before. I am definitely more connected to my inner voice and intuition. Thank you for all of your help and guidance!


Ela has been our ‘go to’ mindfulness practitioner to kick-off several of our learning communities. Her voice and grace enable our event attendees to feel relaxed and grounded to start their day. Ela’s passion and knowledge shines and participants have regularly expressed the positive affects her meditations have had on them. I would highly recommend Ela for any individual or group practice.


Ela is a valued member of Springboard's network of instructional designers. She is the very epitome of professionalism and can be counted on to be thoughtful, diplomatic, thorough and creative. Ela works in both highly consultative paradigms and independently. She does not require micromanagement and can be counted to provide status updates as requested and meet and beat deadlines in every instance. She knows when to escalate or ask questions, and yet she can troubleshoot deftly on her own. Most importantly, Ela is a gifted team player who shares insights that can help other IDs and offers her services to other IDs when they are in the weeds.


I have had the pleasure of working with Ela in educational publishing in various capacities for nearly 15 years. I can say that Ela Aktay is a unicorn! Her skills and talents are not often found in a single individual. She’s creative and clever in conceptualizing text and imagery. Ela is a brilliant editor — able to give overall developmental feedback along with honing in on and correcting small, but important, inaccuracies. Her business savvy and professionalism are top notch, whether consulting with high-level academics or simply considering budget and schedule in her editorial plans — Ela is a rare gem in the educational publishing industry. I’m thankful to have worked with her and look forward to future work together.


igniting creativity and positivity

How can Ela benefit you? Ela can see the big picture of your persona. She can grasp what you are trying to attain. With all that you are and all that you have, she can take you where you want to go. Simply communicate with Ela your objectives and goals. You'll find that Ela is not only approachable, but has the right combination. In an intentional and brilliant way, using maturity and substance, she will be delighted to design a custom program for you.

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