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What’s your story?

Charlotte Media is a Chicago-based media group dedicated to the creation of compelling content that best tells your story. With over 20 years of experience in publishing, we specialize in translating your vision and focusing your ideas into clear, powerful communications.

Through collaboration, listening, and asking thoughtful questions, we assess your needs to provide targeted solutions and strategies. It’s our mission to bring together the best ideas and your unique expression—all the pieces and parts—to create the complete picture.

From big picture thinking to detailed storytelling, we provide the services you need to tell your story …

Our Services
Product Development
Project Management
Instructional Design
Content Strategy
Why Charlotte?

Founder Ela Aktay’s all-time favorite book is Charlotte’s Web. One of the main characters is Charlotte, the spider, who befriends Wilbur, the pig. Charlotte was a master content strategist and brand manager. Through her strategic thinking and clever problem-solving skills, she created compelling content that told the story of Wilbur as he really is. She created a brand, she wrote his story, and she helped him be the best he could be.

That’s what Charlotte Media is all about.

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