Monday Mornings

Happy Monday.

“You cannot use someone else’s fire. You can only use your own. And in order to do that, you must be willing to believe that you have it.”

— Audre Lorde

Happy Monday.

Who knew that a quiet weekend spent baking could wipe me out? I’m kind of exhausted today but it was a weekend well spent. I baked goodies for a holiday swap—my first one.

I love baking, and I have fun doing it. I get caught up in it and lose track of time (except for whatever I’m timing in the oven). Last night as I admired the results (and sampled a few), I took a step back and thought, “Hey, I’m not bad at this.”

Lately, I’ve felt sluggish and like I’m not accomplishing much. But last night after surveying my hard work, I realized that’s a story that’s just not true.

There’s a lot I can do, if I believe I can. I have within me what it takes to get things done, I have skills, and I have passion. And that’s the story for me to believe in.

Make it a great week!



(Photo by Ela Aktay.)

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