Something New

I am comfortable in my comfort zone.

I am comfortable in my comfort zone. I never realized how comfortable until this past weekend.

I went to a meditation and wellness retreat with my friend, and a few minutes before we were supposed to meet with the group, I decided I just had to reorganize my weekender bag right then and there.

When I start futzing and organizing, I know it means I’m anxious. But why? I mean, this was not big deal, right? Just a relaxing weekend getaway.

As my friend pointed out, I was trying something new, something I hadn’t done before. And that made me nervous. I hadn’t felt that nervousness in awhile.

That’s how much I’ve been living in my comfort zone.

But the thing is, I also felt kind of excited to try something new. And I haven’t felt that excitement in awhile. So guess what? I’m trying something else new. I’m giving myself a one-week challenge to post something every day for one week. I’m a little nervous—and excited too.

What about you? How do you feel when you try something new? When was the last time you felt nervous and/or excited about doing something different?



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