So I’ve Been Thinking

So I’ve been thinking . . . what do you do to have a good day?

. . . what do you do to have a good day?

Do you have things you do to perk you up? Are there ways you actively try to have a good day? Or do you allow days to unfold as they do? What makes a good day for you?

A few weeks ago instead of turning on the TV or watching something on Netflix, I dug out my basket ‘o arts and crafts supplies.

Inside this basket of fun I have all kinds of things: markers, crayons, colored pencils, glitter, stickers, scissors, rulers, glue, coloring books, sketch books, blank paper, artsy paper, note cards, notepads with inspiring quotes, glue, and even a spirograph.

It’s my rainy-day, stay-inside-and-have-fun arts and crafts basket. I haven’t used it in so long I almost forgot I had it.

As I pulled out my supplies, buried inside I found a beautiful journal I hadn’t even used yet. On the cover is the phrase: “She is quick and curious and playful and strong.” I like to think it describes me—or describes how I aspire to be.


Looking at that cover makes me smile. Inspired, I took time to sit and create. I’m not an artist in the sense of drawing and painting. I don’t think I could really sketch illustrations or draw a beautiful scene. What I can do is play with words and letters. I can color, I can make collages, and I can do artsy stuff with lists.

Feeling so inspired and already in a good mood, I decided to make a creative “How to have a good day” list now rather than when I was in a down mood. It’s a lot easier to list things you like or that make you happy when you are in a good space.


As I made my list, I noticed most of what makes me happy are the seemingly small things or actions—and things that I easily can do. Making a lovely mug of tea makes me happy. It’s comforting. And there are so many fun flavors to play with.

Meditating usually helps me have a blissful day. Watching a favorite, funny, or educational program makes me happy. Dancing at home to my “feel good” playlists makes me feel good. (Like it or not, “Can’t Stop This Feeling” is an all-time mood booster.)

Sure, going on a beach vacation to an exotic new place makes me happy, and buying a pair of Manolo Blahniks can make me feel like I’m having a good day. Or being prepared for a work meeting and having it go well can make for a good day.

Those are all well and fine (though some are expensive). But they aren’t necessarily things you can control or count on every day or do easily and quickly.

When I start my day sitting on my rooftop deck, drinking tea, and journaling—even for 10 minutes—it helps me start the day off right.

When I’m sitting in front of my computer all day stuck on project and feeling like crap because I can’t get what I need to get done done, getting up and talking a walk helps me clear my head and have a better day.

So what are things you do to have a good day? Are there little things you notice that make you happy or change your mood from meh to yay?



(Happy coffee photograph.

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