Lessons Learned: February

Here are a few things I’ve learned this past month . . .

Here are a few things I’ve learned this past month . . .

  • Dry brushing or body brushing in the shower is good for your lymphatic system . . . or at least it doesn’t hurt. You’ve heard of dry brushing, right? On the rare occasions I have treated myself to a body treatment at the spa, they usually start it with dry brushing. I don’t love dry brushing. Sometimes it can actually be painful. But it might actually be good for your lymphatic system—and you can also just use your body brush to scrub in the shower, which doesn’t hurt. Either way, it gets your lymphatic system moving. So I’ve added it to my daily routine.
  • Some new time habits. These are actually useful, doable, and logical time habits to try. I love the idea of getting up a half hour early two days a week rather than every day, which if you aren’t already doing wouldn’t do, to exercise. Since I’m pretty good about going to yoga, I’ve been applying this habit to doing something else extra in the morning: write. I also love, love, love the airplane mode tip. Now my phone is on airplane mode an hour before bed and after I wake up. I don’t turn it on until after I write in the morning. I know I can easily just turn it on anytime but for some reason putting my phone on airplane mode helps curb my mindless phone scrolling. I don’t often follow tips online but these seem to work for me.
  • Words matter. Maybe we’re too focused on gun control and not gun safety or gun reform. This article made sense to me.
  • There are ways to help even when you feel helpless. After the Florida shootings, I felt helpless. What cold I do? How can we solve this tragic problem? I wanted action, not words. I know there are no quick fixes or easy the answers but I found this list of “five things you can do to help,” and I felt like I could do something.Little-House-in-the-Big-Woods
  • It’s never too late. I was listening to this New York Times book review podcast, and I found out that Laura Ingalls Wilder started writing her books when she was 62 years old, and published her first book at 65 years of age. Maybe that’s why she lived to her 90s. So there is still hope for me!


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