Monday Mornings

Happy Monday!

“The silencing of one woman is our own silencing. The awakening of women is the awakening of the whole world.”

— Dr. Tererai Trent

Once in awhile I come across something so inspiring, I am compelled to share it. I loved this interview with Dr. Tererai Trent on Sounds Good, one of my new favorite podcasts.

She is a remarkable woman with a remarkable story. Dr. Trent has dedicated her life to creating quality education for girls and fostering the empowerment of women.

When I heard her say this quote in her interview, it really struck a chord with me. If we silence any woman, we silence ourselves. Her quote speaks to the importance of women supporting women—and what we can accomplish when we work with each other an not against each other. Not a new concept, I know. Still, it’s an important one to be reminded of.

Happy Monday. Make it a great week!


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