Shiny Objects

Why yes, I am easily distracted by shiny things and food.

Why yes, I am easily distracted by shiny things and food.

Last week I was in Maine on a yoga retreat and writing workshop, and during my time there, we ate vegan meals. All vegan, all the time. And it was good. Really good.

I thought when I came back I’d want a cheeseburger or pizza right away, but I didn’t. In fact, the idea of eating chicken wings or French fries doesn’t appeal to me. Turns out I actually want to keep eating healthy, and I crave some of those yummy vegan meals. So I’m learning how to make a few vegan/vegetarian dishes.

I’m not totally going vegetarian. I still like my turkey burgers and steak tacos. But I think I’m going to eat a bit healthier and eat more meatless meals. I have a few recipes, and may try this easy recipe this weekend.

Oooh look at these shiny objects . . .

I’ve been reading . . . Memory Wall, which I finished. It’s a collection of short stories by Anthony Doerr, the author of All the Light We Cannot See. I love his writing and his stories.

I also finished Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. Memoir is not a genre I typically read but I’m doing this reading challenge and I needed a memoir. I listened to the audio book version, and his voice is so lovely to hear

Now I’m reading The Memoir Project by Marion Roach Smith. I know, I know, I just said I don’t read memoirs and now I’m reading a book about writing memoirs. It’s for my reading challenge. I’m also reading Who Will Run the Frog Hospital? by Lorrie Moore. She’s one of my favorite short story authors.

I’ve been watching . . . Will & Grace. Ok, so I wasn’t going to watch it but I did. I loved Will & Grace the first time around but wasn’t sure I wanted to watch the reboot. It’s been done and it was good, why do it again? But I ended up watching it, and it was as funny as ever.

I’ve been listening to . . . Kundalini mantras, specifically this one, a healing mantra. It’s what’s been getting me through this week.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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