Shiny Objects

Why yes, I am easily distracted by shiny things and crowns.

Why yes, I am easily distracted by shiny things and crowns.

Not the kind of crown you wear on your head—I wish that was it—but the kind of crown you wear on your teeth. I went to the dentist last week and found out I have to get not one but TWO crowns. Me not happy. At all.

I have this deep-seated fear of dental work (and needles). Seriously, no joke. I’m terrified. When I was a kid, I had a lot of oral surgery and dental work done, and it was no fun. In fact, it was torture. Since then, I do everything I can to take really good care of my teeth so I never have to go through any of that crazy dental work again.

Alas, despite my best efforts, I still have to have the crowns. Of course, my brain in it’s dental-work-phobia-induced state is working hard at freaking me out as well as figuring out how to get out of this. But I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and do it.

In the meantime, I’ll see what’s on Netflix, surf the Internet, watch SNL clips, listen to my podcasts, do some crossword puzzles—do anything BUT think about my impending doom.

Oooh look at these shiny objects . . .

I’ve been reading . . . A Well-Tempered Heart by Jan-Philip Skender and The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy.

Finished The Nix by Nathan Hill. I liked it but can’t say I loved it. The writing was great—the author has been compared to Franzen, Pynchon, and Foster Wallace. I’m not sure I put him at the same level as them but I can see why the comparisons were made. Hill’s style is similar. The characters were well developed, and even though there wasn’t one character I liked, I don’t think that matters. Characters don’t have to be likable in order to like the book. (He does a GREAT job with an unlikable millennial character. I laughed out loud with her scenes.)

I think my reason for not loving it is I didn’t love the story itself. YET, I couldn’t stop reading it. So I can’t quite put my finger on what didn’t work for me and what did work for me with this book.

I’ve been watching . . . Game of Thrones, Episode 3, Season 7. FINALLY! Jon Snow meets his Aunt Daenerys. I actually teared up at this great moment. I don’t care what anyone else thinks—I loved the scenes with them. Loved the banter between Tyrion and Jon Snow even more. Kind of nice to see two people actually have some respect for each other. What the hell was that? Hello dragons. Then there’s Euron. When will this guy go away? It’s all too easy for him. Um, what is that shiny lip gloss Cersei is wearing? Oh hell, this is not good for Ellaria and mini-Ellaria. The Cersei-Jamie love-fest starts up again. Hmm, so he got over Cersei’s blowing up the sept and Tommen’s death pretty quickly. More Starks are reunited—yay! (I’m not crying, you’re crying.) Bran is being weird—boo! Where the hell is Arya BTW? She should be there by now, given how quickly everyone else is getting everywhere. Jorah is cured. Now what? The Unsullied kick ass at Casterly Rock just a little too easily. Oh shit. Highgarden is toast. Well, that sucks. At least Olenna gets the last word. Bye Olenna. Will miss your sharp wit.


I’ve been listening to . . . Hamilton soundtrack, Neko Case, and Phoenix.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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I recently read The Stranger in the Woods. In 1986 a man walked into the woods in Maine and lived alone for 27 years. I don’t think he was angry at the world. It seems that is the life he wanted to live.

Yeah, I thought it was interesting about the guy who wanted to live alone on that island. I can understand why someone might want to live his or her life that way. The book–and this guy’s story–looks interesting book. What did you think of it?

Also, thanks for the recommendation!

I thought it was fascinating. Some of the locals were skeptical about his story such as living through the Maine winters without ever having a campfire for heat(so he wouldn’t be found). But I think he did what he said he did.

He made a brave decision to do what he did. Not sure if I could quite go off the grid like that but definitely want to read about his story. Thanks!

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