Shiny Objects

Why yes, I am easily distracted by shiny things and weather anxiety.

Why yes, I am easily distracted by shiny things and weather anxiety.

Yep, weather anxiety, as in worrying about the weather. We have such unpredictable weather these days and it’s raining on my parade. (Pun intended.)

I somewhat obsessively check my four weather apps every half hour or so to see what the weather will be like so I can decide when it’s a good time to golf, go to a movie in the park, or do anything outside.

And you know what? None of these weather apps are usually right. There’s no way to tell what the weather will really be like at any given moment. So rather than wait for just the right weather, I’m making plans anyway.

This weekend we’re going to our neighborhood fest. Well, I mean, if the weather is good, that is if it doesn’t rain. I guess if it rains we can go see a movie or maybe stay in. But if it’s a light rain, we can hang out in one of the tents at the fest. But if it’s a thunderstorm, that won’t work. Sigh. Let me check my weather apps again.

Oooh look at these shiny objects . . .

I’ve been reading . . . The Nix by Nathan Hill. Read and finished Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. Have put The Ministry of Utmost Happiness aside for a bit so I can finish The Nix for my book club.

I’ve been watching . . . Game of Thrones, of course. This season is already making me nervous since they are speeding the action up. Only six episodes left.


I’ve been listening to . . . Toad the Wet Sprocket. Saw them in concert last weekend, and they are just as good as ever. Their music was part of the soundtrack of my life during the 90s. “All I Want”—their hit single—is still one of my favorite songs. While the song itself seems simple, the lyrics are so compelling.

“Nothing so loud as hearing when we lie. The truth is not kind, and you said neither am I.”
“Nothing so cold as closing the heart when all we need is to free the soul but we wouldn’t be that brave I know.”

Also started listening to Neko Case. Some favorite songs: “I Wish I Was the Moon,” “Atomic Number,” “Best Kept Secret,” “Man,” and “Night Still Comes.” Her style is a bit country-folk-alternative. She reminds me a bit of Kirsty MacColl and Lucinda Williams, particularly on “Night Still Comes.” Check out this version of the song she did for NPR’s Tiny Desk concert. The harmonies are yummy and her voice is so good.

Have a wonderful weekend!


(Image found here. Game of Thrones meme found here.)

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