So I’ve Been Thinking

So I’ve been thinking . . . why are self-defense classes only for women?

. . . why are self-defense classes only for women?

No, really. Why are there self-defense classes for women but not men? Women have to learn how to defend themselves, take martial arts/boxing/kick someone’s ass classes, be cautious, walk with your keys between your knuckles, don’t walk alone at night, carry pepper spray, don’t go running early in the morning by yourself, don’t go running at night alone, hell, just don’t even go running, don’t wear headphones, don’t wear provocative clothing, don’t talk on the phone, don’t make eye contact, don’t, don’t, don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I think a woman should be cautious and learn to defend herself—there’s nothing wrong with that. But where are the classes for men? More importantly, where is the responsibility for men? Whenever you hear of something happening to a woman—whether it’s sexual harassment or sexual assault or a mugging—the immediate response is not only to blame the woman in some way but to go on the defensive. How come we never hear, “Don’t bother a woman walking alone at night” or “Maybe he should take a self-awareness class”?

It’s not a bad idea. How about a class on how to treat women? Or a class on how to respect people? How about a class on personal responsibility? How about a different kind of class for women—how to react to men without having to get out the pepper spray and a krav maga kick to the neck? How about we just talk about what’s offensive and what’s not?

Maybe it’s time we all start taking responsibility and start the dialogue.


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