Monday Mornings

Happy Monday!
“I believe literature to be the most valuable tool that humanity has found in its quest to understand itself.”
— Orhan Pamuk

Happy Monday!

Purpose. This is kind of what runs my life. Without purpose, I flounder and float aimlessly.

The other day I went to a creative women’s group event. At this event, we started with a “warm-up.” The exercise was to do a mini-vision board in 15 minutes. This wasn’t just any vision board though. This was different. We picked a project we were currently working on, at any stage. And then asked ourselves the questions: What value does this project bring to others? What is my purpose in creating this project?

And it got me thinking about my writing and my purpose. Why do I tell my stories? I want to inspire people, move them emotionally, get them thinking, bring comfort, laughter, even tears, maybe even some healing, but most of all, I want us to understand each other.

Make it a great week!


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