So I’ve Been Thinking

So I’ve been thinking . . . what is up with these places called “escape rooms”?

. . . what is up with these places called “escape rooms”?

Seriously, what sick twisted mind came up with the escape room idea as a business? Hmmm, let’s see, I’ll put a bunch of people in a room, lock it, and leave them in there. They can’t get out until they answer a bunch of annoying questions. [Insert evil laugh.]

Then they bill this as a great “team building” experience for companies. Are you kidding me? Any company that locks me in a room with my coworkers is not a company I want to work for. Count me out.

Do people really like these things? I mean, for god’s sake, how do you know you’re not going to trigger someone’s traumatic childhood experience of being locked in a closet for hours? (I mean, not that I know what that is like or anything.) We live in a world where people get kidnapped and locked up for years. Have you heard about what happened in Cleveland? What about Elizabeth Smart? And so someone thinks the “escape room” is a good, fun time? Yeah, that’s just batshit crazy.

The escape room does not sound like fun or good times or great team building to me. It sounds more like hell.


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