Monday Mornings

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

And it’s not just any Monday—it’s baby goat Monday!

You may have already seen the video of baby goat Violet.

(Can’t believe it’s a baby goat video that I haven’t already posted it until now.) I love that baby goat—oh my god she is freaking cute. I never get sick of that video. It makes me smile every time.

Now Violet is all grown up, and here she is re-creating her baby goat days.

If you want more Violet, there’s a series of videos about her. And, yes, I have watched all seven of them. How can you not?

There are so many other cute baby goats to meet. Perfect for the day after Mother’s Day, there is the story of baby goat Ferguson. Here’s a video of his first day out.

And if you want more baby goat videos—because who wouldn’t want to start their Monday with more baby goat videos—there is baby goat yoga. Sign me up!

Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. Make it a great week!


(Image found here.)

(All videos except the baby goat yoga are courtesy of Catskill Animal Sanctuary, a totally awesome place that rescues farm animals and provides a happy home for them.)

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