Shiny Objects

Why yes, I am easily distracted by shiny things, Spring, and sunny days.

Why yes, I am easily distracted by shiny things, Spring, and sunny days.

It’s finally Spring! And we’ve had some sunny, warm days with more ahead this weekend. I don’t know about you but when it’s a sunny day, I feel the need to be outside doing something to take advantage of the warm weather and bright sky. Forget cleaning the guest room, organizing files, or working from home. When I see sun (the ultimate shiny object!), I want out.

I don’t want to be cooped up inside, even though I know there are things I need to get done and I can’t possibly spend all my time outside. But when I’m inside, I definitely experience FOMO or maybe I should change that to FOMOOSD—fear of missing out on sunny days. Do you ever feel that way?

I’m definitely going to take some time to enjoy the outdoors this weekend. What are you up to this weekend?

Oooh look at these shiny objects . . .

 I’ve been reading . . . Madonna in a Fur Coat by Sabahattin Ali. I decided to read this book for a reason. The author, Sabahattin Ali, was one of Turkey’s most influential writers. He often wrote about and spoke out about the Turkish government and politics in the 1930s and was jailed several times for his political views and writing. In 1948, he was allegedly killed while secretly crossing the border to Bulgaria. Who killed him, where, and why remains a mystery to this day.

Although Madonna in a Fur Coat was first published in 1943, in recent years, it has become the best-selling book in Turkey. Interesting that it is having a resurgence now. I think that has to do with the author and what he stood for and what is going on in Turkey now. I had never even heard of this book or the author until I happened upon this article. What a great find it has been!

I’ve been watching . . . Young and Hungry and catching up on The Voice. Only 9 weeks, 1 day, 12 hours until Game of Thrones, but who’s counting?

I’ve been listening to . . . Glen Phillips, specifically his Swallowed by the New Album. I’m also listening to a wonderful Polish composer Henryck Gorecki, specifically his Symphony No. 3. It’s sorrowful and melancholy but so beautiful, it seeps into you and fills you with love and amazement at the beauty of it.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!


(Image of my cat Reggie taken by me.)

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