So I’ve Been Thinking

So I’ve been thinking . . . what if we all actually said what was on our minds?

. . . what if we all actually said what was on our minds?

I mean, what if, in a singular moment, we said and/or acted on what we really wanted to say or do?

I was reading this book, and one of the characters talks about a moment with a girl he loves. It is one of those countless moments you know you’ve experienced with someone. You know what I’m talking about—how in one moment you think one thing, and the moment is perfect for what you are thinking, and then you don’t act on it. Then that moment slips away. It got me thinking about how one singular moment has such an impact and how it can change the course of events.

In this case, the character has been in love with a particular girl but acts like he isn’t. And then he shares a moment with her and in this one moment, he has a choice. He can act on what he is thinking (to lean in and kiss her) or not. It’s right there, ready for him. But the second is gone and he doesn’t act on the moment. He simply says, “ok, see you later.” He wonders later what might have happened if he kissed her. I wondered the same thing. Would it change the course of their lives? Maybe or maybe not.

How often does that happen—two people have feelings for each other but do nothing about it. Neither says a word or takes that step. How much do we leave unsaid in relationships? How many times have you thought, if only I said/did something? It’s a risk, right? Yet in some way, maybe it’s not a risk. Acting on an impulse, desire, or want; saying something from our heart or saying how we really feel; sharing the truth–-how can that be a risk?

What if we did all walk around saying what was really on our minds? What if we really said how we feel or what we think or what we want? How many relationships would have changed or been affected? Have you had moments like that?


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