Monday Mornings

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

Sometimes it’s the little things that give us pleasure—actually most of the time. Every day we’re surrounded by small pleasures that we may not notice. Life is richer than we may think.

Do you ever moments when you think, “wow, that was beautiful,” or simply even “ahhhhh”? Those are the small pleasures to hold on to and come back to in any moment. That’s the beauty of small pleasures—you can create them almost instantly and usually without spending any money.

So here are some of my small pleasures this past week. . . what are yours?

  • Downy soft tissues that feel gentle on my skin when I blow my nose
  • Always, always a steaming cup of tea
  • Going to the Chicago Bulls game and watching them score the winning two points in the last two seconds of the game
  • When you find out that the cheesy show you love has started its new season early and you can watch it right now
  • Every time I get a new package delivery, even if it’s the cat food I order
  • Sunday morning in bed reading a beautifully well-written book
  • Discovering this cool web site and their videos

Make it a great week!


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