17 Things for 2017

Remember when I said I was doing 17 things for 2017 instead of New Year’s resolutions?

Remember when I said I was doing 17 things for 2017 instead of New Year’s resolutions? Well, I finally finalized my list. It’s February after all, and I need to get cracking.

And now, in no particular order, the grand list of 17 Things . . .

  1. Do dry January (that is, no alcohol for one month).
  2. Go on a helicopter ride in Chicago.
  3. Go to a new city, state, or country that I’ve never been to before.
  4. Take a solo Sabbath writing trip.
  5. Explore a local neighborhood I haven’t explored before.
  6. Take myself out to a nice lunch.
  7. Improve my Turkish using the Rosetta Stone download I have (and never used).
  8. Go to the 3 Arts Club Café for brunch or lunch.
  9. Take a class or workshop on web site design, social media tricks, or similar.
  10. Start or join a book club.
  11. See James Morrison in concert, wherever he is playing.
  12. Go to Randolph Street Market.
  13. Bake bread from scratch.
  14. Go to the opera.
  15. Try a Vinyasa, Forrest, or other yoga class besides Basics.
  16. Visit a historic site in the United States that I haven’t seen before.
  17. Finish the guest room in my condo.

So that’s the list. I’ve already checked two items off the list. Woo-hoo! Dry January—check. I missed one day but otherwise did pretty well. I’m not much of a drinker as it is but even with not drinking alcohol for 30 days, I noticed a difference in my skin and I felt better—although that could also be because I did no-wheat for January.


The second thing I did on my list was go to the 3 Arts Club Café for lunch, which was lovely. The food was so yummy. The truffled grilled cheese is a definite must! The setting feels calming and serene. There are cushy couches and comfy chairs. There’s a glass ceiling so plenty of sunlight gets through and you have a view of a blue sky. There are gorgeous Chandeliers all around and a lovely water fountain in the middle of the restaurant. It’s kind of magical. You almost forget where you are.

I’m also doing a mini-resolution/goal a month thing. Here’s what I have so far . . .

January = no alcohol

February = daily meditation

These are just a few other ideas I have for the other months: Walk every day, no social media, write a letter every day, no extra spending, 10 minutes of daily writing, and daily random acts of kindness.

Anyone else have ideas or suggestions? Would love to hear some more ideas. How is your year going so far?


(Image found here. Image of the 3 Arts Club Cafe found here.)

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Sounds like an adventurous year!

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