Monday Mornings

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

Well, it’s been quite the weekend. No matter what your political leanings are, we have had some big events and changes this weekend. Me, I went to the Women’s March on Washington in DC. Never have I been so moved and inspired. Men and women of all ages and many different races and colors surrounded me. It was a peaceful march and a polite group. People helping people, people connecting, and people there for different purposes and yet sharing a common goal: unity, love, and the value of human rights.

I have felt my faith in humanity tested many times over, and there have been times when I felt hopeless. Saturday my faith was restored. Not just by the march but by the people I met and the acts of kindness and support I witnessed many times over that day.

After the march, I went on Facebook and had tears in my eyes as I saw post after post and photo after photo of marches all across the world.  If I ever there was a time to say, “You are not alone,” this is it. I am not alone in my profound and deep belief in decency, integrity, kindness, and human rights. I am not alone in standing up for these values.


And now the march is over, and my work has just begun. I love action plans and to do lists. So thankfully, there is a helpful plan of action to keep moving forward.

Whatever you believe in, whatever is before you in your life right now, I hope that you are inspired to take some action—any action, it doesn’t have to be political—to put love and kindness into the world and into your life.

Make it an active week. Make it a great week!


(Overhead image of Women’s March on DC found here. Image with sign by Sarah Moore.)

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