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Happy first Monday of 2017!

Happy first Monday of 2017!

I’m reading Charlotte’s Web again for probably the 100th time. I decided my new tradition is to read it at the start of every New Year. It’s my favorite book, and to say that it saved me is no exaggeration. I grew up in kind of chaotic household and this book (along with poetry, other books, and writing) was my salvation.

From the first time I read it, I absolutely loved it. I suppose it was because I first identified with Fern and her care for animals. But then I found so much more from this story. Charlotte’s Web is not just a cute children’s story—it’s a rich and meaningful narrative about life, love, and friendship.

Charlotte’s Web transported me to a different place and made me forget about where I was and what I was doing. I would go up to my room and read the book over and over. I would line up my audience of stuffed animals on my bed and read the story to them, acting out some scenes and changing voices for each character.

In Charlotte, I learned about creativity, strategy, dedication, writing, and being a good friend who is true to her word. In Wilbur, I learned about love, hope, loyalty, need, and being a good friend. This book is filled with so many relatable life lessons, and I carry them with me to this day.

Make it a great week. Make it a great year.


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