Shiny Objects

Why, yes, I am easily distracted by shiny objects and all things on the screen.

Why, yes, I am easily distracted by shiny objects and all things on the screen.

You know what one of my favorite things is about this time of year? Christmas movies!

My absolute all-time favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas. I’ve watched it every year since I was a kid. Love, love, love it. The dancing, the singing, and the humor—you can’t beat it. The movie is part of my annual Christmas Eve tradition.

In the meantime, between now and Christmas Eve, I watch Hallmark Christmas movies. Yep, I admit it. I’m a sucker for them. I don’t care that they follow the same predictable boy-meets-girl-girl-and-boy-have-some-conflict/misunderstanding/mishap-but-in-the-end-discover-the-true-meaning-of-Christmas-and-fall-in-love plot. They make me happy.

But my make-me-the-happiest movie is Elf. (How can you watch it and be anything but happy? If you aren’t happy watching this, then you must be made of ice and coal.) I can seriously relate to Buddy. I feel like him when it comes to Christmas. “SANTAAAAAA! OH MY GOD! Santa here?!” Yep, that’s me. And this . . .


What are some of your favorite holiday movies?

Oooh, look at these shiny objects . . .

 I’ve been reading . . . Winter Storm by Elin HIlderbrand. Finished it. Now on to Debbie Macomber’s 12 Days of Christmas. I’m secretly jealous of Debbie Macomber because she has cornered the market on these smaltzy stories. She has definitely found her niche and probably makes a pretty penny. These books they are so bad, they are good. It’s like eating cotton candy.

I’ve been watching . . . Christmas movies, what else?

I’ve been listening to . . . holiday playlists, my favorite Christmas song, and this song, in honor of the late Greg Lake.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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