Monday Mornings

Happy Monday.

Happy Monday.

I’ve got a ton to do this week, no exaggeration, and today is a put-on-the-pot-of-tea-roll-up-the-sleeves-buckle-down-turn-off-all-distractions kind of day. And still . . .

I’ve been thinking a lot about this:


As upsetting as the quote may sound, it helps me make sense of the world. It gives me a perspective and makes me think. I like to believe I’m in the 10% merciful group. We all want to see ourselves as good. But I wonder. Am easily moved in a direction? What do my actions actually reflect? Am I consistent with what I say and do? If I’m consciously making this assessment, I have to admit, I’m more likely in that 80%. But I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to be kind, caring, and thoughtful and bringing that percentage of merciful up. Which direction will you move in?

Make it a thoughtful and great week.


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