Monday Mornings

Happy Monday! Happy Halloween!

Happy Monday! It’s Halloween.

And Halloween is a good day for this bit of food for thought . . .

from Seth Godin’s blog post on Fear of Outsiders

Just in time for Halloween, some thoughts on our fear of the other, the people in the shadows, or merely those that don’t look like us.
It’s tempting to rile yourself up about the ‘other’.
But that’s not the real challenge.
The challenge is inside. It’s the self-sabotage. The projects not shipped, the hugs not given, the art not made.
The real boogeyman isn’t the other. The one we’re afraid of is with us all the time.



Happy Halloween! Make it a great week.



(Text from Seth Godin found here.) (Cat in autumn leaves image found here. Quote and pumpkin image found here.)

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