Monday Mornings

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

It’s a good things Monday because . . . well, because, once again, good things come to those who wait (and I’m late again).

Some good things . . .

  • Cubs win the NCLS and go on to World Series—first time since 1945! I grew up in a loyal Cubs family and this has been a loooooong time coming. Can’t even tell you how happy I am—and my family. Road trips to Cleveland already planned and my brother is flying in from Turkey. Yeah, we’re that kind of fan. We’re not the only ones. So many people have a story about their I love hearing them.
  • Don’t you love learning new words? I do. Finished reading Raven Girl by Audrey Niffenegger. Love this line, “. . . but all the cats swore they didn’t know, which only confirmed the perfidiousness of cats.” Using obscure or high-fluting words doesn’t always work but this line in this story does.
  • On the entertainment front, I got to see not one but TWO plays last week. Two really great plays. The first play I saw was “Wonderful Town,” a musical about two sisters from Ohio who move to NYC in the early 1950s to make it big. If I had based my decision to see it on the description, I would never go. I am not a fan of musicals. But this was a Mary Zimmerman-directed play, and she always puts on a great show. This one did not disappoint. It was fun, funny, and you left feeling happy and light. On the opposite end of that spectrum, and equally as good, I saw “The Burials.” The young adults group of Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago put on this production. Not light subject matter, “The Burials” tells the story of a mass shooting at a high school. The main character’s brother is the shooter, and her father is a senator running for re-election. Brilliantly written, moving, and all too real, you are stunned into silence. That school shootings are the “new normal” hits you right in the gut.
  • It’s fall! The other day I took a walk and could smell that fall smell of the dried leaves on the ground. I forgot how much I love that smell. AND, I can now wear one of my favorite things ever: cozy boyfriend cardigan sweaters.

Make it a great week!


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