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So I’ve been thinking . . . do you ever have a day when you can do whatever you want, no schedule, no demands, no obligations?

So I’ve been thinking . . . do you ever have a day when you can do whatever you want, no schedule, no demands, no obligations?

Yep, me neither. BUT, I did have a blissful hour when I somehow magically let go of all demands and simply sat and enjoyed a cup of tea at a cozy independent bookstore and wrote. It was pure heaven.

It’s rare these days that I will stop and simply be. I’d forgotten how fulfilling it feels. That one hour grounded me and allowed me to turn down the noise and listen to myself. And what I heard were ideas—ideas that I could do something with. I wrote more in that one hour than I did all week. When it was time to wrap up, I felt satisfied and at ease and, more importantly, complete. I left feeling good and re-energized, rather than resentful, so I could go about the rest of my day, which was filled with to-dos.

And that’s a great feeling.

Most of us don’t have the time to give up a day to ourselves, so why not start with an hour? I plan on doing this again and relishing all 60 minutes of it (if not more). So give yourself one solid hour of letting go. No demands, no appointments, no “I’ll slip in that errand I’ve been meaning to do.” Simply be. For one hour. And enjoy!

And another thing (or two or five) . . .

  • I miss a good cup of Turkish tea. It won’t be long until I’m sipping the real stuff!
  • Cher is back baby! I am super excited about her newest tour. Count me in.
  • It doesn’t take much to be considerate and kind. This kid saw a problem and did something to solve the problem–he was observant and kind. Kudos to his mom too.
  • Some relief and distraction for a tense week.
  • Because this made me laugh.

I’ve been reading . . . We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Yes, still. I am slowly slogging through this, and it’s not because it’s bad or I don’t like it. I actually do like this book so far. It’s the making time thing. I just haven’t taken the time to sit and read. So of course it makes perfect sense that I start reading another book, right? I just started Mary Oliver’s new book of essays Upstream. Fall is the best time to read Mary Oliver. Well, actually any time is but there is something about reading her work in the fall.

I’ve been watching . . . the NLCS because the Cubs!!!! I missed all other shows this week because I have been watching—ok, nervously switching channels—the MLB playoffs. I get so nervous watching that I keep switching the channel to anything else because I am convinced if I actually watch the game, the Cubs will lose because, yes, I have that kind of power.

The Cubs are ONE win away from going to the World Series. One win! I seriously don’t know if I can take much more. I’m secretly glad 1.) they aren’t playing tonight so I have one tension-less night, and 2.) I have plans on Saturday night so I can focus on something else and not get my blood pressure up. For the love of god and for the good of Chicagoans’ health, Cubs, please win!

I’ve been listening to . . . Glen Phillips’ new album Swallowed by the New again, and I sort of have to eat crow. Really loving the album now, especially the song “Go” with its poignant lyrics and the raw emotion. It gives me chills. While it’s a sad song about leaving, Glen Phillips points out in an interview, “. . . leaving has always had very negative connotations, but it can be an act of love.”

And though I want you close

This light can only glow

To warn you far away from shore

Saying, “I love you, now go”

I always found his work to be so honest and revealing of the human condition, and Swallowed by the New presents an even more intimate collection. These personal songs come from a difficult period in his life as he was going through a divorce. What I love about the album is it feels like he’s honoring the relationship and its ending. Almost like a love song to the relationship. What a gift.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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