Monday Mornings

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

You know what I love about Mondays? Do overs. If you saw Friday’s post, you know it wasn’t a good week. And now it’s Monday so I get to do the week over.

Last week, I tried to do this:

But what happened was this: I stepped in cat puke as I was heading out the door for an appointment. I then stepped, actually sunk, into wet cement running to the above appointment that I was now going to be late for. A friend from high school died unexpectedly. The bank lost $4,000 that I deposited. Yes, that’s right: four thousand dollars. It took several days, many hours on phone calls, and one explosion of profanity from me to get it resolved. I had a family emergency. (Everyone’s fine now.) My health insurance suddenly stopped covering my prescription, as I found out when I went to pick it up.

All of this was on top of a painful personal situation that I didn’t do a good job of dealing with. (Stuffing my feelings deep down inside—yeah, definitely not the best way to deal with it.)

Trying not to complain for a week was kind of like putting a bandage on a bullet wound. It actually helped me when the first two things happened. But by the time the bank debacle hit, I needed a tourniquet. It was a wake-up call for me to ask for help and take care of myself (both of which I did).

Now, I know life happens, and there are good things and bad things that happen. And I’m not making light of the serious things that happened. I’m still dealing with some of them. But it’s Monday, and I get to do my week over again.

So here’s to no complaining this week. (Well, after this post.)

Make it a great week!


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