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So I’ve been thinking . . . should I stay or should I go?

So I’ve been thinking . . . should I stay or should I go?

Every year—in fact, usually twice a year—I go to Turkey to visit my mother, brother, and relatives. So much has been going on that I delayed my first trip and eventually decided to do one trip this summer.

And now it’s gotten worse, not better.

I was scheduled to go to Turkey the beginning of August. I waited and waited to purchase my ticket. Something gnawed at me. And so as of last week, I still didn’t have my ticket. Finally, last Thursday, I put my ticket on hold. I spoke with my brother on Friday morning to coordinate timing and assured him I would purchase my ticket that afternoon after work.

As I was wrapping up my last bit of work for the day, just hitting send on a client email, I got a text from my brother that something was going on there and to check our news. Right away, I checked and saw the bad news—a possible military coup (which turned into an actual coup that failed).

My heart sunk. And I was afraid for my family. For the next 24 hours, the safety of my family and friends was all that mattered. Thankfully, they are all safe.

As the dust settled a bit, the inevitable question came up: should I stay here or go to Turkey as planned? I hadn’t bought my ticket yet. This question plagued me. Although I am a worrier and scaredy-cat, I also am not one to give in to fear. After the Istanbul airport bombing in June, I was still going. I believe we have to live our lives. Also, my family is there. I want to see them.

Yet . . . the nagging feeling would not go away. It didn’t feel right. While I don’t think we should give in to fear, we also have to be responsible, sensible, and practical at times. And this just seemed like one of those times.

With a heavy heart, I made the tough decision to not go to Turkey in August as planned. While I am so sad, there is also a feeling of relief in my body. Maybe it is fear driving me, maybe not. What I do know is that sometimes our intuition tells us things that we need to listen to. And that’s what I’m doing.

And another thing (or two or five) . . .


I’ve been reading . . . A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan, the books editor at Glamour. Her debut novel. I wanted to like it, I really did. But I didn’t. Here’s what worked and what didn’t work for me . . .

What worked: It was an easy and quick read. I finished it in a week. I liked the focus on books and reading. The protagonist is a books editor who ends up working for a top company to help them launch bookstores—love the idea of the bookstore as a lounge. I liked the protagonist and thought she was relatable, especially when it came to her feelings about her job and how to handle work situations.

What didn’t work: Brand-name dropping—do I as the reader really need to know that her husband had extra shirts at his office from Charles Tyrwhitt? The repetitive descriptions of characters got annoying. For the first half of the book, every time the protagonist mentioned her brother or whenever he was in a scene, the reader had to read again how he used to be a frat party boy, finance whiz but is now a Zen-like boater. (And this wasn’t the only repetitive character description.) There were some strange gaps and leaps once in a blue moon in the book—just enough to make the reader go, “huh?” For example, she talks about looking for a dress for her father’s funeral but in the sequence of events, he hadn’t died yet. I attribute the bad sequencing to bad editing. (Bad editing overall.) Also, too many other stories going on at once. This made the overall story choppy. As a reader, I was left unsure which story to focus on.

Now I’m on to a new book The Beach Trees by Karen White. Hoping this is better.


I’ve been watching . . . nothing good. I’m in movie/television show- watching draught. Going to see Ghostbusters this weekend so looking forward to that.


I’ve been listening to . . . nothing specific. I love music and I usually have music playing in the background at home. But lately I have been enjoying silence.


Have a wonderful weekend!



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Oh I’m so sorry, Ela. What a hard and sad decision. Hugs from me.

Thanks Anika. It was a very tough decision.

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