Monday Mornings

Happy Monday.

Happy Monday.

Little did I know that right after I hit my “publish” button on Friday to upload my blog post that my Friday, my weekend, and my life would change? On Friday evening, July 15, the Turkish military attempted a coup against the current government. They failed. On Friday, July 15, what I fear is the final nail in the coffin of democracy and freedom in Turkey was hammered in. What will happen next, who knows?

I think of my family in Turkey. I think of the beautiful land I love, the gracious people, and what Turkey was and what it seems to be becoming. I think of the future of my country. What can I do? I can use my voice, I can share stories, I can pray, I can express, inform, educate, and I can hope we choose to carry over love, compassion, strength, and unity.

Excerpt from Garden Vines
by Gülten Akın
As if day no longer exists now
the sky skips over it
nights fall fall into dreams
on the globe some place
a black stain that grows perpetually.
The stain harsh, hurting the onlooker
The one who sees the lesions
Which is why the media created blindness first of all
from those days to these
what have you carried over
what have I?

I pray for peace and freedom, I pray for the people, and I pray for my country. Make it a meaningful week.


(Image found here.) (Excerpt of Garden Vines from What Have You Carried Over? Poems of 42 Days and Other Works, edited by Saliha Paker and Mel Kenne.)

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