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So I’ve been thinking . . . who would my alter ego be? You know, the person with your alternative personality. I know who mine is.

So I’ve been thinking . . . who would my alter ego be? You know, the person with your alternative personality. I know who mine is.

P!nk. Seriously. I love her. She’s tough, she’s talented, she can do that aerial acrobatic shit, and she’s got a great singing voice. She seems strong, confident, and bold. She takes risks. She is who she is. And I like that.

I know who I am, and I’m not her. Yes, I can be whoever I want to be, and if I really wanted to be like her or have her lifestyle, I’d make it happen. The fact is, I’m kind of fine with who I am. It’s taken me, oh, about 40+ years to figure that out. Even still, every now and then, don’t you think, “Hey, if I wasn’t me, who would I be? Who is my alter ego?”

I have one friend who said Billy Idol would be his. Another said Kelly Clarkson. Someone else wanted Mario Andretti to be his alter ego. Who would yours be?

And another thing (or two or five) . . .

 I’ve been reading . . . The Firefly Dance. Finished it, and eh, it was ok. I’m in a bit of a reading slump and not sure what I will read next. Stay tuned!

I’ve been watching . . . Game of Thrones, of course, and I love it. Still, I wish it would move just a little bit faster. Also watching the last of The Voice.

But what I’m really loving is Grace and Frankie. If you don’t know the show, it stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as two vibrant 70-year-old women creating a life after both their marriages end. Their husbands fell in love with each other, and they left their wives to marry each other. Jane Fonda plays Grace, and Lily Tomlin plays Frankie. Grace is the consummate “lady who lunches” and Frankie is a hippie. Two opposites who end up living with each other. They have such great rapport, and this show cracks me up. Season 2 is on Netlfix and I love it more than Season 1. The writing is witty, sharp, funny, and meaningful. Great lines like, “Damn my Christ-like capacity for compassion.” And when Grace says to Frankie, who is dressed in a flowing robe-like outfit, “Did you come back from a date or are you returning a ring to Middle Earth?,” I laughed out loud.

I’ve been listening to . . . I’m afraid to admit it. Well, ok, here goes . . . I’m listening to <said in a whisper> Nick Jonas. Not so much his music, just specifically that song Close. I kind of love it. And thanks to my niece, I have been listening to Justin Timberlake’s new song. If this song doesn’t make you get up and dance, then I don’t know what will.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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