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So I’ve been thinking . . . about private parts. You know, your lady bits or your man stuff, your sexual organs.

So I’ve been thinking . . . about private parts. You know, your lady bits or your man stuff, your sexual organs.

I mean, who hasn’t these days? Your gender seems to be the topic du jour. From Trump saying Hillary is playing the “woman card” (Oh my god, stop the presses! You mean Hillary is a woman? Gasp.) to Cruz and his comments about transgenders and bathrooms (as in he doesn’t want them to use public restrooms—at least not the one that represents the gender he or she identifies as).

As all the gender buzz made headlines, I experienced something that gave me hope. I was at the gym the other day, hanging out waiting for my Pilates class to start. As I stood there in the hallway outside the room, I took some time to stretch out a bit. On the bench outside the room were a young mother and her two daughters. The daughters appeared to be somewhere between the ages of 7 and 10. I heard the mother say to her younger daughter, “Well, let’s talk about it. What makes you uncomfortable about it?”

I wasn’t sure at first what they were talking about but I thought it was cool of the mom to ask the daughter how she felt about something rather than tell her how she should feel. As I listened (how could I help but overhear? I have ears after all), I heard the mom say, “So your worried about seeing private parts? Ok, I understand that. When you go to the bathroom, though, there are stalls, right? Individual rooms for the toilets, right?” The girl mumbles yes. “Do you see other girls’ private parts when you are in the bathroom?” Well, no, the girl says, but what if I see him? You know, his private parts? The mom says, “Honey, remember, she’s not him, she’s her now.”

Suddenly, I understand. They are talking about a transgender child in the daughter’s school who would use the same bathroom as the girls. The daughter was uncomfortable and having feelings about it, and the mother responsibly talked to her about it. I was pretty impressed. I wanted to congratulate the mom for doing such a great job of really listening to her daughter, talking with her (not at her), and allowing her daughter to feel what she feels.

 And another thing (or two or five) . . .

 I’ve been reading . . . Still Life in Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen. I actually don’t know if I can stand to finish this book. It’s that bad. (I know, I know, it’s Anna Quindlen. I wanted to like it, really.)

This book needed serious editing. There are so many extraneous, unnecessary descriptions and metaphors. For example, she describes her father carrying a big white handkerchief for his allergies. Got it. But then she adds “like a white flag of surrender for his sinuses.” As a reader, I get the point. No need to keep describing it. Might be time to chuck this book and start with another.

I’ve been watching . . . Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Believe it or not, I haven’t gotten through the whole season yet nor have I seen Game of Thrones yet. I’ve been traveling and on vacation so no time to watch anything. But that all changes this weekend!

I’ve been listening to . . . Gwen Stefani again. And still loving it. “Something about this feels so right . . . “

Have a wonderful weekend!


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