Spread Love Update #2

I’m into what would be 38 days of 50 Days of Random Acts of Love and Kindness, aka the Spread Love Project. What a difference 38 days makes!

I’m into what would be 38 days of 50 Days of Random Acts of Love and Kindness, aka the Spread Love Project. What a difference 38 days makes! I did really well with my daily consciously random acts of love and kindness up until Day 25. Since then, I’ve had some fits and starts, doing things on some days and not on others.

I’m back on track again and making up for the days I missed. So while this would technically be Day 38, I’ve recalibrated and it’s now Day 30.

Here are some more things I’ve done . . .


  • Put “Smile” cards with happy quotes in random places at my gym.
  • Left favorite books in public places and included notes in the books like, “Hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.”
  • Created “love” posts on Facebook every day from Dec. 12 through the end of the year. I sent an inspiring quote with the word love in it to anyone who liked my post. Then continued to post a quote a day.
  • Donated new toys to Toys for Tots. I had heard that Toys for Tots did not get as many donations as in the past and the need was great, so I went out and got a few toys for different ages and delivered them to a Toys for Tots drop box.
  • One day as I dropped off my broken-down boxes to the recycling bin in our building, I noticed that there were a lot of boxes that weren’t broken down. I broke down the boxes that weren’t already cut down so our building staff didn’t have to do it.

More things I’ve learned . . .

  • I don’t always feel loving and kind, and that’s ok. I notice it and allow myself to feel it and move on. As one of my former coworkers used to say, “Tomorrow is another day.”
  • There is a difference between common courtesy and a random act of love and kindness. I haven’t been counting things like opening doors for people, giving someone the right of way, picking up a glove someone dropped and getting it back to them. That’s being polite, that’s having manners. So . . .
  • While I missed days, that didn’t mean I was rude or unkind. I still practiced common courtesy. I didn’t do conscious random acts of kindness, which, to me, are those unexpected kindnesses that are out of the ordinary.
  • Random acts of love and kindness don’t always have to cost you money. There are plenty of ways to spread love and give kindness without spending dollars. I had made salted caramel chocolate chip cookies for my friend’s housewarming party, and her father loved them. He kept talking about them and asking when I would make them again. So one day I made a batch of cookies and sent them over to him, just because. Not for any reason in particular other than I knew he would enjoy them.
  • Sometimes an unexpected compliment means more than a monetary gift. I travelled on Christmas Eve, and I handed out holiday cards to staff at the airport and thanked them for working on the holiday. I got so many genuinely sweet responses. Added bonus: Those responses were the greatest compliments that I could ever get.


The holidays provided an easy excuse for giving (‘Tis the season!). So what happens when the holidays are over? Do we stop our peace-on-earth-good-will-toward-people feelings? Clearly, I got into a post-holiday slump. It’s easy to do. Now, I’m beginning to see how these random acts don’t have to be so random. Here’s to the next 20 days!

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