Spread Love Update #1

I’m 15 days in to my 50 Days of Random Acts of Love and Kindness, aka the Spread Love Project.

I’m 15 days in to my 50 Days of Random Acts of Love and Kindness, aka the Spread Love Project. I’ve been doing some random act consciously every day, and I think what has surprised me the most at this point is how much I’m learning about myself.

Here are some things I’ve done so far . . .

  • Started a fundraising page for PAWS Chicago as part of the #WeGiveTheyLive month-long campaign.
  • Joined Amazon Smile so now when I order from Amazon, a small percentage of the sale goes to a charity you choose from their list. (Animal lover that I am, I picked ASPCA.)
  • Walked along a street with metered parking that still takes coins and put extra coins in meters that expired or were about to expire.
  • Sent a 10-pack of new white socks to a homeless shelter.
  • Sent handwritten thank you notes to people and places I normally don’t send notes to, thanking them for their service. I sent a thank you to a florist I’ve used before in the past, I sent a thank you to the catering group who catered my holiday party, I sent a thank you to my dry cleaner for always being there and working so hard, and I sent a thank you note to a salesperson who was very helpful. (I also sent a note to her boss too!)

And here are some things I’ve learned so far . . .

  • There are opportunities everywhere, everyday. It’s not that hard to do something loving or nice.
  • Kind of an obvious one but it feels good to be kind and do something for someone, AND . . .
  • I learned how shy I am about doing that. I was scared to approach some people and at first started out doing things online or anonymously. Then I finally got up the nerve to do things directly for someone. I spent one day randomly handing out gift cards and little gift boxes with a few dollars in them to strangers. The reactions I got were so sweet. No one bit my head off or said no.
  • Some days I didn’t feel so loving but I did stuff anyway. You don’t always have to be in a great place or feel like you have to spread love and kindness any minute. It was a good way for me to gauge how I was feeling and what I needed, AND . . .
  • There were times when doing a random act lifted my mood. I was cranky one day driving through city traffic and I stopped at Starbucks. I paid with a gift card and then asked the cashier to use up the card for anyone who came after me. She was in disbelief and she called over a co-worker to tell her what I was doing. They thanked me profusely—I almost started to cry! Their genuine thanks and warmth brightened my mood.

So that’s what my first 15 days have been like. Can’t wait to find out what the next 35 days will be like. I’ll post another update after the holidays, and, at the end, I’ll provide I list of random act ideas. Would love to hear any ideas you have too!

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